About Us

Strategic Mortgage Brokers is an established Financial Broking Firm with a focus on creating ongoing, long lasting, trusted relationships with our clients, partners and advisory consultants.

We EDUCATE, ACCELERATE and ASSIST you in achieving your financial goals.

Our team core values are built around building and nurturing relationships, consistently acting with integrity, and always putting your best interests at the fore.

Our caring, customer-centric, and committed team are looking forward to engaging with you as we change your life by untangling your finance.

Our Team

We invite you to reach out to Strategic Mortgage Brokers today to discuss where you are, where you want to be and how we can get you there!

Aaron Whybrow

The “Bagpiping Mortgage Broker” CEO and Founder

Aaron understands the importance of providing the right guidance at the right time and prides himself in giving honest, tailored advise resulting in your objectives being met.

Having enjoyed 3 successful careers in his life, the learnings and skills from these have all come together giving you a mortgage broker with different yet highly essential skills.

As an Intensive Care Paediatrics & Adult nurse, Aaron understands that life can be fragile and that when dealing with individuals there is a need for empathy and genuine care.

His experience as a Medical Sales Rep reiterates that he knows that one needs the right equipment and tools to ensure the best outcome.

Aarons 3rd career choice is one that interestingly brings his nursing and process driven ideals together.

As member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) you can be confident that your applications will be compliant and that he has the most up-to-date resources available to him.

With an MBA in Business Administration; a BN in Bachelor of Nursing; a Diploma of Finance and Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking; as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Aaron has the knowledge, skills and know how to ensure your needs are met, your journey is tailored and you achieve the results you want.

When Aaron is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 beautiful children. You may be wondering …. where does the bagpiping mortgage broker come from? Of course, bagpiping is his hobby and passion!

Just as playing the bagpipes is driven by passion where all the musical elements need to work together, Aarons strength is bringing all of the financial elements together in a cohesive manner to make it easy, stress free and rewarding for you.

Karina Fox

Partner & Strategic Mortgage Broker
With extensive experience in Finance, Mortgage Broking and HR, Karina has exceptional skills, passion and commitment. She prides herself in taking the time to understand her clients dreams and aspirations, focuses on educating her clients to assist them in making the best financial decisions, which ultimately yield the results that align with their goals. With a passion for first time property buyers, first time investors, those looking for SMSF and women on their finance journey, Karina understands the power of assisting her clients in making educated decisions.
As an Aerial Yoga instructor, Karina’s approach to finance is “flexibility”. She acknowledges that “not everyone’s story fits into a box”, and it is this attitude that make her stand out. When she is not practicing Aerial Yoga, she values time spent with her family and partner, enjoying nature and volunteering for RizeUp – an organisation that helps families impacted by domestic violence.

Jessica Southerwood

Strategic Mortgage Broker
Understanding the responsibility of her role in the business, the responsibility to our clients, and with over 14 years of finance experience, Jessica brings dynamic energy to the team. She reviews, understands and guides her clients through their personal situations, finances and their goals. Her motto is to “show up and do what I say I’m going to do”.

When not engaging with clients you are likely to find her kayaking and camping with her husband, 2 children and her big “Ole Buddy” her Rhodesian Ridgeback, and in her quiet time, painting.

Her aspirations are to be a diligent broker, and she feels honoured to help and guide clients on their journey to the other side of obtaining the great Australian Dream of home ownership.

Ellen Sudiro

Mortgage Loan Processor

With a passion for helping others, learning new skills and wanting to working with an amazing team, Ellen was the perfect fit as the Strategic Mortgage Brokers Administrator.

Having experience in the retail space, Ellen stepped out of her comfort zone in June 2021 and despite not having financial background, she has taken the opportunity to grow, learn and develop amazing relationships with her team, clients and business partners.

When she’s not “keeping the ball rolling” in the office she spends her down time playing netball and listening to music.

Her aspirations are to become a councillor and, in the true nature of her helpful personality, help those who struggle.

Jay Abellar

Loan Processor
With a zest for life, Jay loves to experience and learn new things that will guide him through his goals. Jays career started in retail as a customer service agent which eventually led to him being a teal leader in health care services.

In May 2022 Jay was welcomed to the Strategic Mortgage Broker’s team. His passions are cooking, anything “adventure”, relaxing with his friends, motor cycle riding and when he needs some down time ….. Netflix!

His aspirations are to serve his country, travel and be able to help people as much as he can.

Charley Valher

Partner & Strategy
Being a home owner and owning over 15 investment property’s, Charley has experienced the highs and lows of the finance industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with assist with simplifying complex structures, advices the organisation on continual improvement and industrial changes that could influence financing. In the office, he is regularly referred to as “Mr Do What Works”.

Grant Merriel

Partner & Operational Excellence
With Grant’s attention to detail, it’s been mentioned many times that he should’ve been a forensic accountant. He has over 15 years of business and operational experience across various industries. Having a software and systems background, Grant is the best at ensuring all of our trains run on time and your loan settlement is smooth.

Our Vision

Through lasting trust-based relationships we analyse, educate, and action; facilitating an accelerated journey to a self-funded future for all Australian’s.

Our Core Values


We are committed to building long-term, trusted connections by providing support through collaboration, respect, and empathy.


We are committed to making conveying information proactively.


We are committed to being a trusted advisor giving honest and authentic guidance; always acting with full transparency.


We are committed to always be learning both personally and professionally.


We are committed to being generous with our thoughts and actions.

Solution Driven

We are committed to understanding your position and creating a strategy to achieve your outcome.


We are committed to infusing our work and interaction with energy, laughter, and joy.

What we say about ourselves is one thing, what our clients say is what really matters!


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